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Looking to rent a commercial commissary?   You've come to the right place.  We know from experience that starting a Hot Dog Cart business can be a real challenge.  You can not prepare food for sale out of your home,  but setting up a licensed commissary is very costly and involved. The solution is to rent space in someone else's license space. We have a commissary with a garage door to move your cart in and out. All approved by Guilford County Health Department.

The commissary has a place to park your cart, 3 bay sink to clean your dishes, a refrigerator to store food, shelf to store supplies, a can sink to dump your waste water.  Easy in and easy out. There is No cooking in the commissary allowed.  Again it is for carts only.

Rent is $250.00 per month first and last month required upfront.

Located in Greensboro, N.C

Space is available  

I can not stress this enough....In NC please check with your health department before you buy a cart.  NC requires that your cart be NSF or #59 NC/NSF/ANSI/Standard.  If it is not it will NOT pass inspection. If it is #59 it will have paper work that goes with the cart.

NOTE:  With so many restaurants closing it is important that you do not lose your commissary space....If that restaurant closes , so do you....and in N.C. once that restaurant closes your permit is automatically pulled.  Respect your commissary space, keep it clean, pay your rent on time, it is a very important part of your business and hard to find.  Also to change a commissary means to get your cart re-inspected.  Give your business a chance this business has about 8 months learning curve.

The county you have your commissary in, is the county you need to get your cart inspected in.  After you are license you may go any where in NC as long as you go to your commissary once a day.

For more information please contact us @: If I am with a customer.....leave a message and I will call you back. 

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